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Our company has been working in real estate market since 1992. The company was opened by the family of indigenous Cypriots, Ahmet Davman and his wife Zekiye Davman. Their path in this business began with the repeated assistance to their friends sharing useful contacts for further purchase of land plots. Afterwards Ahmet Davman worked in the Land Committee of Northern Cyprus.

Years later this family opened its small office in Kyrenia (Girne), specializing in sale of land. And already for over 25 years Esquare Estate has been a leader in the field of land sales and investment projects. Virtually all construction companies have acquired and are acquiring land for the construction of their objects exclusively us. In exchange for this, we get exclusive prices from developers to their real estate objects.

In early 2016 the company expanded and, in addition to selling land and investment projects, started selling apartments, villas, bungalows, shops, casinos and hotels. We try to help our clients not only at the stage of buying real estate. We have a number of other services related to employment, for example assistance in finding the best solution for our clients’ children education in kindergartens, schools and universities. Besides, we help to arrange documents for residence permits and business visas.

The company belongs to the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Northern Cyprus, as well as to the Union of Turkish-Cypriot workers and artisans.

We cooperate with the most professional developers and agents of Northern Cyprus, and we also share our relationships with our clients in a wide range of activities, from factories producing furniture, warehouses with machinery (directly from suppliers), and textile enterprises etc.

I would like to add that our professional team will try to find the most suitable offer for you and at the most favorable terms.

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